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As a new dad, people are always suggesting great books I should read, which always elicits the same question: "Is it a picture book?" No offence, but I barely have enough time to shave in the morning, let alone read a volume of some long winded parental advisory on the dangers of anything and/or everything related to my child. And forget pleasure reading for myself. Other than the odd comic book in the bathroom (yes, I said comic book), everything I have the opportunity to read during the day comes in digital form. That's the life of a dad. I need everything short, sweet, and to the point. My daughter, well that's a whole other story.

Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's a dad thing, but I watch my wife read aloud to my little girl and I understand why she never brings her books to me. My wife is patient, she enunciates, she stops to point out every little detail, and she explains everything. Me, I read the title, rip through the text like I'm a speed reader, and barely give my kid enough time to mentally absorb the pictures or what they represent. Does this make me a bad father? No. It makes me a man. Problem is I'm missing out on a great opportunity to bond with my daughter. To her, I'm the fun time guy- the guy who throws her up in the air and lets her eat donuts- not the reading guy. And that's sad.

I'm not alone. Around the world there are millions of guys like me who have no problem telling a five minute joke to their subordinates at work but don't have the patience to take five minutes to read a story to their kids. Guys who have no problem conjuring up the most fantastical tales to get the day off of work, but can't suspend their beliefs long enough to ramble through Rumpelstiltskin. Hell, my daughter would rather thumb through a picture book alone on the floor than bring a book to me for her to read, and that's just wrong. It's time to Fodder Up! Today's installment: Teaching Dad to Read.

Lesson One: The Importance of Reading to Your Child (Instructional Video)


Lesson Two: Great Reasons Why Dads Should Read More Often to Their Kids (related links)


Lesson Three: Effective Reading for Daddies (and Mommies too)

Lesson Four: Resources Available to Dads Who Want to Improve Their Storytelling (related links)


Lesson Five: The Power of Reading to Your Kids From an Early Age

Amazing 17-Month Old Reading Like a Pro (video, Today Show, CBS):

And there you have it! No more excuses. As my daughter says (or is it screams?): "READ DADDY!!!!"

Not sure where to start? Here's a list of 100 fantastic books you and your kids can enjoy together:

Fodder UP!

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  1. Not completely sure why, but one of my favorites for reading to my 5 kids was always "Go, Dog. Go!" Maybe it's the big party in the tree at the end - looks like an awesome time!

    No reason why Dad's can't get into reading for their kids. I think it's just a matter of finding the right books - ones that emphasize the concepts and emotions you'd like to pass along to the next generation.