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Fodder Up! Part V: Bath Basics 4 Babies (and Daddies 2)

"I Dare You."
If you're a new parent, but especially a new dad, nothing will freak you out more than bathing your baby for the first time. I mean, who wouldn't want to combine some of their worst fears into one daunting task? First you have to undress the squirming, screaming newborn. Then you have to correctly carry her to the baby bath without hitting her head against the rock hard porcelain tub or sink. Then you have to immerse her in warm water, hoping she doesn't freak out, take in a gallon water and drown. Am I in your head, or what? But those are just your fears talking. In reality, giving a baby a bath can be the best, most relaxing part of your day. All you need is a few pointers to get you started. Gentlemen (and ladies), it's time to Fodder Up! Today's topic: Baby Bath Basics.

Step One: Watch the Pros- 
Sure, you could ask your mom to come over and show you, but here's some carefully selected video instead to help ease you in to the right frame of mind to try it on your own (with adult supervision of course- namely the entire pediatric ward nursing staff).

Proper Bath Time Technique: 
  • Bathing a Newborn: Instructional Video - Youtube (click)  
  • Bathing an Infant: "No More Tears" (for you or your child):  The Johnson's way- Youtube (click)
Step Two: Get Informed- 
True, you could take the advice of your wife's best friend, Sally, who seems to be a know-it-all on all things baby (except for how to control her own), or you could do a little research to help your figure out what's best for you, your growing family, and your personal style of parenting. This should start you in the right direction:
Step Three: Safeguarding-
Safety first! Don't make me worry you with statistics - there are several products on the market to help you protect your baby in the tub- from bathmats to faucet covers- use them! Here's a list to get you started:
Step Four: Make It Fun For Everyone-
Oh, you'll get splashed, and the bigger your baby grows the thinner your patience will get, but always remember: bath time is bonding time. So choose your weapons wisely, and always keep your cool. No one said parenting was easy, but a few carefully chosen toys should help you keep everything under control.

Step Five: Be the Man! (Unless, you're biologically disqualified)-
At the end of the day, who would you rather be:

This guy (the guy whose wife will be yelling at him for the next ten years)?
The Nervous Dad (video)


This guy? (the guy who will be making all his wife's friends jealous)...
The Calm, Sensitive Dad (video)

Well, maybe there's a happy medium? But, regardless, be a man, bathe your baby!

Here's some more links to help get you started:
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