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F4F Featured Reviews: Baby D's Product Pick of The Week

When choosing the best diaper cream to use on your child, it's important not to be "rash." With so many products on the market to choose from, you could spend hundreds of your hard-earned dollars going from one cream to the next without seeing an iota of improvement from one cream to the next.

Buying diaper cream is almost as painful as watching your wife buy anti-aging cream- the prices vary greatly, the most expensive ones aren't necessarily the best, and all you can do is take the manufacturer's word for it as you shell out ten, twenty, thirty, forty dollars at a time on "a miracluous improvement." At Fodder 4 Father's, we don't buy that strategy. So when you want to know what really works on those red, raw, really nasty rashes, there's only one solution- snoop in your friend's medicine cabinets.

Actually, you'll most likely find what your looking for in the nursery, above the change table, right next to the Q-Tips, baby powder, cotton balls, Vaseline, and a box of unscented, natural baby wipes. That's how you'll know if you're in the right place, as these are tell tale signs of a parent that has waged this particular battle before. Now, don't get them started on the particulars, as some people give a little overboard when endorsing this kind of product. Personally, I don't care for the visual of how red their son's testicles were, or how chapped their daughter's anus was before they used this particular product- I just want to know if it works, so don't give me your opinion, if you think it's so damn good, give me some of the s@#% to try!

"Delicious D"

Clinical Trials - Diaper Rash Cream 

Test Subject (Guinea Pig):

"Delicious D," our Resident Reviewer.


Worst Week of My Life!

Scientific Method:

1) Convince overbearing, overly-cautious friends with toddlers under the age of two to provide free, unmarked samples of what they deem to be the best diaper cream on the market. 2) Try each at different diaper changing intervals during the day. 3) Deem which one works the fastest on reducing redness, cracking, rawness, and the pure putricity of this most heinous of horrendous hardships your child will face. 4)Continue clinical trial for one week to ensure that this was not an anomaly. 5) Suggest it to friends to try, just in case anyone questions your judgment. 6) Get feedback. 7) Have no qualms about endorsing this most wonderful of products that endeavors to eradicate the most woeful of all unappetizing skin agitants/irritants.

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After trying several samples of these cold, chafe calming creams on our poor, pruned-skinned, puss prone daughter, we had a decisive winner: Triple Paste, Medicated Ointment, Our F4F "Proven Product Pick of the Week."

Don't believe me? Here's some links listing several brands of diaper cream that you can try. Try them! And if they don't live up to your expectations, I'll list this blog in the Reviews section so can reference it later on... like the next time your kid gets diaper rash. 



  1. I do use Triple Paste on the rare occasion my son gets a tough rash. But, I find that the highly underrated Balmex pretty much keeps tough rashes at bay. So. It is great to have on hand at all times, but unless your child has serious and chronic rash issues it really shouldn't be necessary on a day to day basis... which is good since it costs a fortune.

  2. Actually, the brand you named was one of our sample creams. For us, it just didn't work as fast or efficiently as the Triple Paste. We keep it as a diaper bag back-up (I hate to throw money away), but for the worst of the worst, we stand behind our pick of the week. One scoop. One smear. One happy camper.

    Thanks for the comment! With so many creams to choose from I'm sure there are a lot of varying opinions out there, and creams we didn't get to try first hand.

  3. I hear you. My sixteen month old son is pretty lucky, as he rarely gets a rash, and honestly, we only put cream on at night and recently I have discovered even powder at night is fine for us a good lot of the time (We are lucky). BUT, the few times he has had a tough rash, I do head to Triple Paste. It definitely does the job. I just don't want everyone thinking the $9 3 ounce tube is necessary for all babies all the time - although it is hands down the best I have used for tough rashes. Hands down.