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Set It and Forget It: PVR is a Dad's Best Friend

I don't know what it was like to be a new dad in the 1950s, but I can almost guarantee 3 things: 1) New Dads in the 50s never changed a diaper, 2) they never did laundry, and 3) they never missed their favorite game on the tube.

It's amazing how far fathers have come in 50 years, but the further we come the more complex our lives get. Sure a dad in the 50s never missed a game on TV: one, there were only three channels, two, his wife would be putting the kids to bed, not him. It was a simpler time, but better, I think not.

But the more we change and evolve, the more we as fathers feel we are missing out on. After all, it's hard to bathe your child, read him or her a story and put her to bed and watch the hockey game at the same time. But thanks to PVR it's not really an issue. We can play Mr. Mom and get our fill of our favorite sports, no problem. Right? Well, kinda...

We all know there's nothing like watching THE GAME, whatever it may be, live. Frankly, watching it after the fact just doesn't do it, and we still resort to just taping the highlights. But, I found something to ease the pain, it's called "Game in an Hour."
I don't know if your local cable carrier has this where you live, but if they don't start your write in campaign now! Its like watching the game, but cutting out all the commercials and the whistles to get what you really want- the action. It's the best thing to happen to a first-time dads since the remote control or the pause button. With Game in an Hour, you can put your kids and your wife to bed, watch a few hours of your favorite games,the very same night, get some sleep and be all caught up before some dufus at work ruins your morning by telling you the score before you have a chance to watch the game.Why would you watch an entire game ever again?

So, who cares if you have to change a few diapers? Who cares if you have to read your kids to sleep? Let 1950s Dad sit and watch his hockey game on a 15" screen in black and white on his three channels. You have it all. You can be a good dad, watch 4 or 5 of your favorite games in one night (from a choice of over 500 channels, many in HD) and still wake up refreshed for the next morning. That's the kind of progress I'm talking about.

Now if only I could teach my ten-month old to feed herself? But you can't win 'em all.

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